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Weekly Round-up - 18th June

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

So here we go - new website, new blog!

It's been a fairly diverse week which is always good for stretching one's knowledge in PC repairs.

The highlight has to be rebuilding a RAID array in a #Synology DS413j NAS which had become inaccessible. Fortunately we were able to recover the data, all 890GBs worth! At the time of writing this job is still on-going as we are awaiting delivery of a replacement drive - could be a long night!

More routinely, we've had one PC in with a failing hard disk so we cloned the data onto a new drive and sent it back to it's delighted owner. Their PC is getting on a bit but is still more than capable of handling Windows 10 and with its new disk it should run for a while yet.

Most serious problem was a business client with loss of Internet. This turned out to be a migration to a new service provider which had occurred ahead of schedule. Couple of phone calls and emails and they were up and running again within a couple of hours. Always good to build a strong relationship with third-parties as it pays dividends.

That's it really! We'll continue to post about our antics and jobs so you can see what we do and can offer our clients.

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