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Weekly Round-up - 25th June

It was supposed to be a week off - decent weather, and a chance to go camping, unplug from technology (some of us techies really need to do that!) and "get back to nature".....

Hmm - didn't quite work out that way! One client seemed to experience a complete run of technical malfunction after technical malfunction.

On Monday they migrated to an upgraded Internet connection in preparation to complete a migration to #Office365 from a #MicrosoftSBS2011 on-premises server. All seemingly simple and just a requirement from me to change the #DNS settings to allow remote access. Fine, I thought - I can do that with a mobile Internet connection - so I did, and it worked. A quick check on Tuesday morning and all was well.

Tuesday afternoon, however, and the Server stopped allowing remote access to emails. #DNS checked OK. Time to try some #Remote #PC #Support - I mean, it had to be something simple, surely... Well - after two hours of head-scratching, they were back up and running - one simple #WindowsIIS service had decided to turn itself off. In most cases the problem is a simple fix - only it can be hard work finding that simple fix.....

Wednesday morning - "Sorry to bother you again on you holiday, but we can't access our #Sharepoint Online from our PCs". Now in preparation for the migration, some of this customers files have already been moved to an Office365 Sharepoint site, and they are accessed using #OneDrive. So, a bit more #RemoteAccess onto each PC only to find OneDrive is not running - in fact it doesn't even appear to be installed on one of the machines. Seemingly there has been a recent #update to #OneDrive that does not always complete. Sometimes it simply does not restart after the installation, sometimes it does not install at all - just leaves the setup file in a hidden directory inside the #Windows10 file structure. Fortunately, in this case, OneDrive started itself after one PC was rebooted and the setup file run on the other. I think the term "phew" might have crossed my lips. Back to my holiday....

Wednesday afternoon - "Our website is down and our usual web designer contact is away". I'm now beginning to think this is a conspiracy.... although perhaps that was the heat... The error 503 indicated either an overload of resources or maintenance being carried out by the hosting company.

Thursday morning and website still down - clearly not maintenance. Support ticket sent to hosting company #TSOHost who mercifully found the problem quickly and dealt with it - that said, I'm still not completely sure if they or the web designers were responsible for the PHP code that had caused the problem. Guess I'll find that out next week.

Friday morning..... all is well - just in time to come home! So much for going unplugged....

Let's see what happens this week....

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